How to Make Letters on Rocks

Ashley Kurz

Add lettering to small rocks to use as decorative knickknacks, or to large rocks for outdoor decor such as displaying your family name. The rough surface of most rocks prevents decals from staying in place, and rock is difficult to engrave. The simplest way to add lettering to rocks is to paint them onto the surface.

Add lettering to rocks with paint.
  1. Clean your rocks with an all-purpose cleanser and scrub brush to remove any dirt and oils. Rinse off the cleanser and let the rock dry.

  2. Place the rock on a sheet of newspaper.

  3. Hold a paper letter stencil over the rock and paint inside the stencil outlines with exterior latex paint. You can also try this free-handed.

  4. Allow the paint to dry before moving the rock or touching the painted letters.