Welcome to the XBL Football League!


XBL Football is a competitive Madden league where the best players compete for Madden bragging rights.  We do have a few rules that are required if you want to be in the league and they are as follows:


  1. No quitting is allowed in the league for any reason at all, including injuries. (The only two exceptions to this rule are if you are playing a user game and one or both people are having connection/lag issues and both players agree to restart or reschedule the game or if both teams accidentally pick jerseys that are too similar to differentiate during a game.)
  2. The league advances to the next week every Wednesday and Saturday nights at 10 pm MST regardless of teams readiness, so make sure to get your games in on time or communicate if you have something going on that is preventing you from playing your game.

Other than that, play fair, have fun, and make sure to make fun of Worst!